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Our History

Duncan Massey was founded in St. Louis, MO in 2002 and built on the expertise and principles of our President, David Hume. With nearly 25 years' experience in the IT solutions consulting, contracting and staffing industries, David focused on the formidable task of starting a business during a challenging economic climate.  David knew that from this adversity, Duncan Massey would build the fortitude necessary to compete in the national marketplace.      


David leads Duncan Massey toward creative solutions for its' clients and an entrepreneurial environment for its' staff. These are the fuels, he professes, for Duncan Massey's future growth and success.   

Our Principles

We, at Duncan Massey, commit to these principles:                        

Always be sensitive that people's lives, livelihood and reputations are impacted by our services and that the capability exists to improve those lives by putting the interests of the IT professionals and clients we work with first.  The success of our staff and the company will follow as a result.


Be constantly aware that the "job market" poses risk for IT professionals as regards their current employment and career development and we commit to maintain the highest standards in preserving their confidentiality.  Corporate decisions on technology solutions and staffing needs can be equally sensitive and also call for great discretion. 


Our Staff

Duncan Massey's staffing professionals are among the best and most reputable staffing professionals in the national IT staffing market.     


Duncan Massey staffing consultants have at least one or two  DECADES of experience in IT staffing, ensuring that a seasoned professional assists in your career development.  They understand the IT staffing market in the way the IT professionals they represent understand Information Technology - inside and out. All of Duncan Massey's staffing professionals have college degrees, with high expectations or themselves and the company they represent.  This helps to guarantee that your career is being assisted by the best around.

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